Our Team

We are here to make your online promotion journey as easy as possible. 


Meet our leadership team: 



Christopher Collins – Founding Geek behind Tweet-Eye. With a back ground in law Chris is a highly analytical and creative person. His creative streak combined with vast knowledge of business analysis gives him a strong edge in spotting the potential to save time, money and energy in your business. Having dealt with many clients struggling to achieve a work life balance Chris wanted to find a way to help the small/ micro businesses achieve balance in their life whilst also meeting the necessary sales targets. He strives to keep life simple and applies this philosophy in the Tweet-Eye organisation as well as in his personal life.  



John Turner – Founding Visionary John is an entrepreneur and businessman.  John’s previous experience includes co-founding and building a successful retail mobile phone company from the ground up and turning it into multi-million pound business employing over a hundred staff. John has seen and experienced the crest of success and everything else a recession can throw at a business. John has had first hand experience with micro businesses and understand the pressures of online selling.  He can see the potential for many small business to grow into a multi million pound business given the right kind of support. John has his fingers on the pulse of online selling and understand both what the seller and the customers need.  He strives to keep the micro business and its needs at the heart of Tweet-Eye's development. John has a strong faith in helping his fellow man and applies this philosophy in the Tweet-Eye organisation.



Joseph B. LaRocco, Esq., is our US Counsel and Director of Strategy. Joseph LaRocco advises Picality Limited on corporate planning and strategy, legal issues and contractual relationships in the US market. He has advised numerous public and private companies over the years and helped structure strategic relationships, financing and licensing agreements. Joe brings a vast knowledge and experience to the table in online information security,  online payments, regulatory requirements,  risk reduction and security. Joseph LaRocco advises Tweet-Eye on compliance and privacy issues as well as strategic relationships we evaluate from time to time.  He also helps us evaluate the competition and keep an eye on recent developments in the social media industry which is constantly evolving. 


Barbara Heneghan is our newest member of the team. Barbara heads up our sales and customer service section.  Barbara has 15 year's experience working in large organisations such as Exxon Mobil and Guinness (Diageo). Prior to joining the team Barbara has run her own micro business for the past 5 years, she has extensive experience in dealing with the public, bringing products/services to market and selling online, her experience has led her to understand the needs of micro businesses. Barbara was initially introduced to Tweet-Eye when she used it as a marketing tool for her own business. She loved the service Tweet-Eye offered so much that she decided to join their team. Being Irish Barbara has the "gift of the gab" and loves to chat to people. She believes everything can be sorted with a cup of tea and a chat. 


Kevin Smith is our business angel. The first investor to make it possible for the Tweet Eye team to go from providing a great download to becoming a web based application. We owe Kevin our infinite gratitude.