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Business owners, affiliate marketers, eBay, Etsy, Fiverr sellers welcome


Thank you for choosing Tweet Eye as your social media scheduling service. If you are looking for a simple solution to get your business images frequently seen on social media and increase eyes on your business we believe that you have made a great choice.


A  Simple Seven Step Process To Promote Your Business Images In Social Media Posts

Tweet Eye provides a simple seven step process to promote your business.

Promote your images / website / RSS / eBay account / Fiverr account / Etsy account in seven simple steps.

The easiest way to experience Tweet Eye is to simply JUMP IN and explore the options relevant to your type of business promotion.

Follow the easy seven step work flow wizard STEP 1: depending on your option is about finding images, the images can be on your computer/handheld device, website or selling platform, STEP 2: linking your social media account, STEP 3: Option to use url shortening service, STEP 4: Writing your post or choosing buzz word call to action statements, STEP 5: Choose whether you would like Market Intelligence Assistance with your hashtags, STEP 6: set a schedule to send posts that will recur between two dates at set times and days of your choosing, STEP 7: You are ready to GO LIVE or put your schedule on hold to activate later.


Choosing The Right Plan

Tweet Eye has a FREE subscription plan, so we recommend that you try Tweet Eye out first before using a paid plan. 

All users of Tweet Eye can choose to use a FREE plan. FREE plan allows you to try 3 social media types, and 1 schedule on each.

You do not need to enter your card details or PayPal to enjoy all the benefits of a FREE plan, which has all the same functionality as paid plans, just less schedules and less social media accounts under your login.

If you want to manage more schedules and more social media channels under your account login you will need a Silver, Gold or Platinum account. Paid Plan use of is billed on a monthly or annual recurring subscription basis from date of sign up. Your Paid Plan will continue to be billed to your Card or PayPal until you change your Tweet Eye account to a FREE account.

What Kind Of Seller Are You?

Tweet Eye was designed to help small business owners and affiliate marketers. Tweet Eye was specifically designed for people needing an easy way to recur posting their offers to their social media accounts in order to save time and increase views to their offers. From the the Tweet Eye menu you can choose to share an Image with a website URL (Share Image Upload), Share Your Website and Tweet Eye will try and find images on your website URL, share content from an RSS feed (a favourite feature of eBay Partner Network Affiliates), share content from an eBay account, share content from a Fiverr account, share content from an Etsy account.



What Does Tweet Eye Do?

The main function of Tweet Eye is to send recurring posts to Social Media between two dates and at time and days, months and dates of your choosing. 



How Does It Work?

Our simple seven step process is designed to help you quickly find the images you need, write your social media posts, integrate call to action buzz words and apply hashtag market intelligence before setting a social media schedule to post your content between two dates at times of your choosing.


Finding Potential Customers For Your Business

Tweet Eye also has a Marketing Assistant function which helps you research potential customers on Twitter.


Benefits Of Using Tweet Eye

EASILY FINDS IMAGES FROM YOUR WEBSITES AND SELLING PLATFORMS- Tweet Eye quickly finds images from your websites and selling platforms speeding up the process of preparing social media posts.

SAVES YOU TIME POSTING- Sending recurring posts to social media saves you time and can simultaneously post to more than one social media channel at once, so why not add all of your social media channels, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.

FINDS HASHTAGS TO GO WITH YOUR POSTS - When setting up recurring posts Tweet Eye also offers you a Market Intelligence option that finds hashtags to go with your promotion and tags the end of your posts with new hashtags that our service finds on a daily basis

INCREASES YOUR AUDIENCE VIEWS - The main reason people use Tweet Eye is to find a simple method that increases views to their offers and saves them time.

HELPS YOU FIND A RELEVANT AUDIENCE - Its not just about getting lots of views, we try and help you get the right views, that why we have a process that helps find related hashtags to go with your posts and a system where you can manually research potential customers on Twitter.


Add Some Social Media Accounts

Lets get started by adding some social media accounts to Tweet Eye, you can either do this through Account Management or when you are creating a Social Media Schedule.


Becoming An Affiliate

We believe you will love Tweet Eye so much you will want to keep this best kept promotional secret to yourself.

Help us to grow our business and we will help you to grow your income.