Tweet-Eye Training Academy

Here at the Tweet-Eye Training Academy we have been busy helping our clients get the most out of their online selling. To simplify things we have published three books that capture the most important aspects of online selling strategies. 



#Hashtag Your Way To The Top

Trying to earn any income online from home can seem like a virtual minefield to most people. ‘#Hashtag Your Way To The Top’ is a simple yet powerful guide that will teach you how to get started and lead you through the necessary learning processes to get you firmly on track to where you want to be.

The great thing about investing your time and effort into online sales strategies is the ability to quickly adapt to changing trends that enable you to continue to produce positive results. You’ll soon discover as I did, that not only will you start to love your online business, but you’ll continually improve on what you do, learn more & earn more!

The proven advice I offer tells you where you can find fruitful opportunities and explains the potential you can really achieve from your online business. I truly believe that anyone who is just starting out or perhaps has a reasonably established business and who reads and applies this information will be able to get to their next level of online earning power more quickly

Billions of dollars have been invested in social media networks which support the growing communication phenomena of indexing words with hashtags. Find out how you can earn from #hashtagging






Trying to earn any income online can seem like a virtual minefield to most people ‘Picture Yourself @ The Top’, sequel to '#Hashtag Your Way To The Top', helps you get straight to the real opportunities. Joseph LaRocco consultant and advisor to Tweet Eye explores in more detail how you can increase your income opportunities from the social networks with the ever expanding online phenomena of picture sharing.

Are your images corporate fluff or social dynamite? Should your business even be bothering with picture sharing and social media? Will the images that you share get you in trouble? How does sharing images or creating images make money on FREE picture sharing networks? This simple yet powerful guide answers these questions and more. 
‘Picture Yourself @ The Top’ is a handy guide for you to maximise your income opportunities while minimising the legal risks involved in picture sharing.

'Picture Yourself @ The Top' is your opportunity to grab a slice of the billion dollar industry created by social picture sharing.





Social Media Secrets & Strategies For eBay Success

Are you going to GEEK UP or GIVE UP? If you have chosen to be in the business of online selling then you need online traffic. When it comes to getting most traffic online GEEKS RULE! This book challenges you to make a choice. Give up your assumptions and consider other ways to make money from the opportunities that eBay and Social Media offers the aspiring entrepreneur.