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Tweet Eye is a powerful tool used with social media to link your eBay, Etsy, website, Rss images to social media accounts using the power of hashtags and images to increase visitor traffic.



10 Ways to make a Real DIFFERENCE


Safe And Secure

Tweet Eye is Safe and Secure. It does not need your eBay, Etsy or social network passwords, Tweet Eye is not just Twitter it now works with Pinterest, Tumblr and we plan to add more. It uses the Twitter API to login to Twitter, the Tumblr API to login to Tumblr and the Pinterest API to login to Pinterest.*

* This means you use the social network to authorize / revoke access to our app and our app does not store your password. Tweet Eye does not use your Etsy or eBay password to access your image content, you simply type your seller name and Tweet Eye does the rest.


Effortlessly Tweet and Send Tumblr Posts

It effortlessly Tweets and sends Tumblr Posts on autopilot for days even months!


Increase Visitor Traffic

Using the visual power of photos and the dynamic influence of Hashtags will dramatically increase your visitor traffic and potential for increased sales.


Link Your Website or eBay To Twitter

 Tweet Eye is the perfect way to link your website or eBay photos to your Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest accounts within minutes!


Tweet Eye Training Guide - Linking Your Website Photos To Pinterest

Tweet Eye Training Guide - Promoting Your Etsy Shop


Automatic Schedule Updates

Once your eBay or Etsy items are sold they are automatically removed from the schedules.


eBay Compatible

Tweet Eye is eBay Compatible and has been passed with an approved eBay compatibility check.

How to Tweet Your eBay Listings To Twitter


Quickly Reach An International Audience

Tweet Eye works with the majority of websites and a variety of eBay platforms to quickly reach an international audience of potential buyers.

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Multiple Twitter and Tumblr Accounts

Tweet Eye works with the multiple social media accounts so you can target your niches.

How To Add A Twitter Account To Tweet Eye

How to add a account to Tweet Eye


Build Schedule To Send Tweets

You remain in control. Build your schedule to send posts from intervals of every half hour to 24 hours.

Add Hashtags To Key Words

Tweet Eye allows you to select website or eBay photos and to hash tag key words with your descriptions. This powerful marketing strategy greatly multiplies the chances of you being found on Social Media.


Find out how sending posts to Twitter with hashtags and pictures will benefit your business and increase your income. 




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